At a typical wellness visit, you will be joined in the examination room first by one of our caring staff members to go over your pets’ medical history, discuss what testing, vaccinations, and other preventative care is recommended that day, and then your pet will go with them to collect vital statistics and any lab samples needed (these steps can also be done in the exam room if you are more comfortable).

Once ready, the doctor will join you for the exam and discussion of findings, offering you ample time to ask questions about your pets’ health and recommended tests and procedures. We love discussing recommendations with you, so please do ask any questions you have.  

At the end of the visit, we’ll recap findings and discuss the plan for ongoing care for your pet, so you have a clear idea of when and for what you will next be due for.  

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What You Can Expect:

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New Patients

For our new patients, we offer a 45-minute appointment block so we can take the time to thoroughly review your pet's previous medical record as well as spend time getting to know you in an unhurried environment.  Each family and their pets are unique, and we feel it’s vitally important to take the time needed to understand that uniqueness.  

Anxious Pets

For our furry friends who have anxiety when coming to see us, we will discuss a plan with you for minimizing stress such that your pets’ comfort is maximized while in a safe, loving environment. Each pet is an individual, so each plan will be tailored to their specific needs.


Your visit will start with a discussion of your pets’ history since we last saw you (or a review of previous history if we are seeing you for the first time). The assistant will collect information on your pet’s activity level, food, previous vaccinations, and any specific concerns.  

This will allow us to then make specific recommendations for vaccinations, diagnostic testing, and lifestyle changes that could be of benefit to your pet.

Physical Exam

We typically conduct physical exams with the pet and client in the exam room, however, we also recognize some pets do better without their owner present or with other specific things like using a muzzle, and we tailor each visit to how your pet is feeling that day.

The doctor will conduct a nose-to-tail examination of your pet, reviewing with you any findings of concern. We will discuss recommendations on addressing any issues that are noted, and then make sure we have a plan for the timing of future visits.

Diagnostic Testing

We believe it is important to perform diagnostic testing on every patient at a minimum of once per year. While the tests ordered will vary based on your pets’ life stage and health, you can expect a fecal check and a blood panel to be recommended each year.

Additional lab testing may be recommended for pets who take certain medications regularly, who have conditions that result in blood pressure changes, or who have diseases that require specific monitoring.

We are happy to spend the time you need discussing what tests are recommended and why, and you will always receive a call to discuss the results.

Vaccinations and Preventatives

We believe following a routine vaccination schedule is an important aspect of providing good life-long care. We follow the recommendations of the American Animal Hospital Association.

Of course, the decision of which vaccines to give ultimately lies with the caregiver, so we will happily discuss the pros and cons of each vaccine as needed with you.

Additionally, we will discuss recommended parasite-preventative products with you so that you can be assured your pet is protected from common parasites that are found in the Ballantyne area.


Unleashing Potential Through
Preventative Care

Overall, we feel preventative care is the cornerstone of providing your pet's best life. At Ballantyne Veterinary Clinic, our mission is to unlock that potential by taking the time and providing individualized care that will help you reach your goals for your pet's life. 

No two wellness visits are the same.  We will take the time needed to be sure your pet is healthy, happy, and appropriate for updating vaccines, as well as tailoring their testing to their lifestyle, age, and to address any concerns you may have. Each wellness visit will the a thorough evaluation and discussion with you so you can rest assured that your pet is protected from disease and has an excellent quality of life.

We look forward to seeing you for your pets’ routine care and being a part, along with you, of their healthcare team.

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