At Ballantyne Veterinary Clinic, our team takes our role in providing for your senior pets’ care and comfort at the latter stages of their life very seriously.

While aging and the health changes that come with it are inevitable, there are often medical and environmental modifications that can be made to provide for their comfort and dignity.

As your partner in providing excellent care for your pets, we will work with you to address these concerns.

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As pets age, conditions like osteoarthritis, senility, and incontinence often develop.

When these concerns are noted, an appointment with Dr. Humphrey or Dr. Blevins can often help you find strategies to minimize their impact on your pet’s day-to-day life. With new medical advances such as Librela and Solensia (for canine and feline osteoarthritis), we can help your pet live their best life into their golden years.

Whether as part of a routine annual exam or a more focused appointment based on a concern, we will work together with you to make sure your pet continues to be as happy and comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

Expert Guidance for a Peaceful Farewell Journey

Compassionate Euthanasia Support

As pet owners ourselves, most of us have been through the process of saying goodbye to our own companions, and we recognize what a difficult decision that can be. When the time comes, Ballantyne Veterinary Clinic will be here to support you though the process and provide for the comfort and well-being of your pet.

We will work with you to make the process of euthanasia as smooth and low-stress as possible for both you and your pet. We offer this service both here in the hospital, and for our established patients, we also can work with you to provide in-home service if desired.  

We partner with Faithful Companion to provide aftercare so that the entire process is handled by us, giving you the opportunity to focus on your pet at this important time. When the time comes to consider saying goodbye, we are here for you to provide all of the care and support that you and your pet will need.

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